Do you Believe That Ghosts are Real?

Ghosts are different things depending on who you ask. While 32% of Americans believe in ghosts, according to a 2005 Gallup poll, there is a divergence of opinion as to what constitutes a ghost. Parapsychologists are in favor of the term, apparition, because it’s purportedly more precise. An apparition is considered immaterial, but it can seem real and tangible. There are a variety of entities that qualify for the catch-all term, ghost, and here they are, in no particular order.

The spirit of a deceased person could make itself known in its former habitat, i.e., a home or office. In this case, the ghost is said to have a likeness to the deceased either in appearance, behavior, or vocal imitation. Of course, it may not be an imitation!

Other common uses of the term refer to angels or demons, or even as a synonym for a person’s immaterial spirit, whether or not they’re presenting themselves to others.

Ghosts are portrayed as having a semi-transparent, unspecific form, loosely resembling the person they once were. Their motives are helpful, ominous, or treacherous. Their motions are transient because they pop in and out. They’re often seen fleeing or scurrying. Of course, reports abound, and these are only a few examples of the alleged behavior of ghosts.

Ghost mythology is common in every ancient culture – from the Egyptians, to the Chinese, to the Europeans of the Middle Ages Ghosts were thought to be the disembodied soul of the person they once inhabited.

Parapsychologists study ghosts as part of their living. A parapsychologist seeks to understand paranormal phenomena. Paranormal phenomena is described as any phenomenon or occurrence that exceeds the bounds of what is possible, according to the established principles and laws of science.

Skeptics charge the controversy with several explanations for suspected ghost sightings. For instance, Scientists Richard Lord and Richard Wiseman explain that sound waves having frequencies less than 20 hertz are normally inaudible, nonetheless, they may cause someone to feel a presence or shift their mood to anxiety or dread. Carbon monoxide poisoning was cited as a cause for haunted houses as early as 1921 because it can cause hallucinations, ill feelings, and a sensation of dread as well.

Another condition, pareidolia, is a condition that causes someone to recognize human faces or forms in random patterns. That’s kind of like a case of seeing what you anticipate, hope for, or want to happen, instead of just seeing. Skeptics aside, extraordinary sightings and stories flow in from all corners of the world at large.

Let’s take a look and see whether or not ghosts might have a scant possibility of really existing.

The New Testament acknowledges the existence of demons, the real spiritual beings that tempt, lie, deceive, and physically harm humans. According to the Bible their intention is to turn people away from God, from the best interests of the human and what will make then happiest, and to try to cause humans to think that they’re smarter than the All mighty loving God. Jesus gave humans the power to cast out demons and walk over the enemy. We have a shield of protection through Christ’s blood. A study of the gospel and the historical teachings of Jesus as it relates to angels and demons is too important and is a separate area of study outside of ghosts.

But, before we begin, let’s move on to the ghost stories of the world.

The face of Martha Rendell, the only female to be executed at Fremantle, appears in the window of the church frequently. The face seems to be produced by ripples in the glass that reflect light in an abnormal way, but the resemblance is eerie.

In China, Tuen Mun Road in Hong Kong is apparently causing excessive death tolls due to “ghosts popping up in the middle of the road”. Drivers avert the apparitions by veering their cars quickly and end up crashing. Hundreds of people allege that this highway is haunted, and many claim to have lost complete control of their automobiles.

Traveling to England we find a case with some substantial evidence, no pun intended. London’s primary criminal court, the Old Bailey, has an uninvited guest at major trials. Judges, barristers, and policemen attest to this strange apparition.

Even Mount Everest has its ghost in resident, probably the ghost of climber, Andrew Irvine, who tried to reach the summit in 1924 with George Mallory, but disappeared on his journey upward. Two climbers in 1975 said that they occupied a snow hole with him, and other climbers have seen a ghost too.

Ireland has the Temple Michael, a quint church and castle positioned on the blackwater river, with a close proximity to Youghal, Co Cork. The place is not used, and it overlooks the blackwater river. Visitors and local inhabitants of the region claim to have heard shrieks, screams, lights in motion, static on cameras over the church grounds, twigs that break without explanation, and coffins that close and open of their own accord.

In Japan, the tomb of Masakado near Tokyo is said to be haunted by the ghost of Masakado. During the 1920′s, the Office for the Ministry of Finance was built on top of it. In 1926, the minister of finance and 10 staff members died of disease. The tomb was restored. After WWII, however, they attempted to construct over it again. The driver of the bulldozer died, however, when it overturned.

The most haunted abode in Scotland is the Close of Mary King in Edinburgh. It was built in the 1600s, and it contained hundreds of people during the plague of 1645 when they were quarantined. Voices, dogs, and a lady clad in black have all been recorded.

Several fables, stories, and accounts arise out of the United States. One of particular interest is the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky. It used to house tuberculosis patients and people refer to it as the most haunted place ever. More than 60,000 unconfirmed deaths have been reported and the owners of the property, construction workers and maintenance staff, and paranormal investigators have claimed one can see unnatural lights and phantasms darting around the premises at night. The hallways and rooms are filled with appearances of ghosts.

It is clear that immaterial entities exist because Jesus cast these personal and evil beings out of people. They shrieked and screamed and cursed, and this was written about as an account of real events by the meticulous doctor and historian, Luke, in the gospel of Luke. Get protection from spirits through Jesus Christ. Whether or not they’re actual people or vicious demons, Jesus has all power in heaven and on earth, and it says this in Matthew 28:18.

Paranormal phenomena are alive and well because the physical world isn’t all there is.

David Slone

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Jenny G August 26, 2009 at 5:12 pm

How can you believe in real ghosts?
I dont believe that ghosts exist cos if they did, instead of haunting people, wouldnt they go and see their relatives? Can u prove me wrong?

lysaaa. ♥ August 26, 2009 at 11:14 pm

Well I’m not sure if i could prove you wrong. because i, myself, don’t believe much in ghost either. But you state a good point, but i guess we could never know because were not ghosts and don’t know what or where they want to haunt. The only way i think i could believe in them, if I saw one myself.
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kilroymaster August 26, 2009 at 11:16 pm

You really don’t know much about spirits do you… Well let me just say this spirits are very real and no matter what a non-believer might say or do will not change the true fact of the reality of spirits existences…………
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KarmaKanik August 26, 2009 at 11:18 pm

I dont believe in"real" ghosts. Everyone knows ghost dont exist.
I believe in non-existant ghosts.
Much scarier.

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*((C0NFiDENCE))* August 26, 2009 at 11:20 pm

ghosts and spirits do exist. cant prove you wrong. each one of them has a past maybe they dont want to see their relatives maybe they got raped by their dad or something or something like that you know there’s a reason for everything
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Barly C August 26, 2009 at 11:22 pm

Because ghosts are supposed to be stuck on earth and afraid to move on to the next life. That’s what the ghosthunters on television say, at any rate. Don’t know if I believe in ghosts but if you believe in energy or the human spirit then there definitely could be ghosts.
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piubeaver August 26, 2009 at 11:24 pm

congrats your one of the most closed minded people i’ve meet this week
don’t get me wrong i’m not saying that aliens beamed up the lost city of Atlantis and are zooming around the galaxy with big foot but just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean its not real
so instead of having other people "prove" to you if something is real or not why don’t you do some leg work and look for your self
then you can say it is real or not
as for if they did exist why wouldn’t they go see their relatives
that’s an easy one maybe they cant leave the area there in or maybe they didn’t like there family
i’d bet half the people on yahoo dont visit ever single family member they have and there all very much real
References :
founder of Paranormal Investigation Unit (P.I.U.)

David September 13, 2009 at 8:32 pm

Through personal experiences with ghosts, I have come to believe in them, but even though with many visual sightings, personal experiences, and data of these ghosts, even though I would like to believe them to be ghosts, I or anyone really do not know what these entities are. From experience, the so-called “experts” calling experiences psychological is purely over educated junkies talking about something they really have know knowledge about. “They are wrong!” There is something there, but are they “ghosts?” I’m not sure.

Could they be “demons”? possibly, but if demons exist, then it is highly probable that “ghosts exist.” the closest and the most intensive evidence that I have ever collect that I hold extremely close and personal is when I visited my Grandfathers grave and collected “His” voice on tape replying “Dave, where is your dad?” then moments later visiting my aunts grave asking whether she liked cardinals and if she chose to have them placed on the grave, since they were present on the grave. I did receive a clear women voice “Larry” which oddly enough is my aunts husband. I asked him about the stone, the first words out of his mouth “Did you see the cardinals, it was her favorite bird, I had them put on”

Bill January 30, 2010 at 12:55 pm

First Off..You Wont Believe In Ghost..At Least Some Of You Till You Have An Expiernce Like Most Of Us Have. However, We Are Not Here To MAKE Anyone Believe. Its Totally Up To You..How You Take It.

After-Dark Paranormal Investigations
Watseka, Illinois

Jason March 25, 2010 at 1:42 am

I don’t really know what to think on the matter really. I have seen and experienced ome very strange things during my time as an investigator, but am yet to be truly convinced.

I certainly think there are entities out there that we cannot (and probably will not) explain and it is pretty feasible that ghosts do exist, along with a host of other spirits and entities.

The best way to look at anything is from every angle – for instance, the story of Martha Rendell’s face appearing in the church window – could in fact be a linked to pareidola (the seeing of faces in normal patterns) and because people are thinking of her, the pattern could be said to be her. But then again…it could be her!

This was a very well written post and very interesting!

patrick August 4, 2010 at 2:35 pm

Hi my name is patrick i am a member of the after dark team i am there medic and investigator we are looking for new members if you are looking to prove to your self that spirits and ghosts are there and very real and you are dependable and trustworthy and not just looking for a thrill then call me we have lots of cool events and investigations coming up we also have some new equipment so call me please no prank calls 210-216-2039

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