Does anyone have a scientific explanation for hauntings?

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The word haunting is very much like the world paranormal in that it applies to a variety of different phenomena. For instance some hauntings are primarily auditory (in fact most) and some involve visual images. So, I suspect there is not one theory that fits to explain every haunting just like one theory does not cover all of human experience.
While it a bias in science to want one universal theory even superstring theory acknowledges that it only addresses physical properties of the universe not meaning or experience. There is also no logic or evidence that suggest there has to be or even is or could be one universal theory despite the wishes of some scientist.

That said there are many theories involving ESP where apparitions are seen and theories involving psychokinesis where movements of objects are indicated.
There are also theories involving everything from underground water sources to electro magnetic fields to temporal lobe epilepsy to explain different aspects of a haunting experience.


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