The Ghost of Mary Howell is Haunting the Grey Moss Inn – Part 2

The investigation of the Ghost of Mary Howell continues at the Grey Moss Inn outside of San Antionio, TX.

While at the Grey Moss Inn, team members were finally able to set up all their equipment where hauntings were reported. Video was being recorded in areas where apparitions were witnessed and team members conducted [tag-tec]EVP[/tag-tec] sessions in areas where other [tag-tec]paranormal[/tag-tec] events were observed by staff and guests.

Although [tag-tec]hauntings[/tag-tec] were reported in many areas of the Inn, we were only able to set up equipment in certain areas due to the layout of the Inn.

The ADPR team had experienced several forms of ghostly activity while conducting an interview with Nell Baeten a week prior to the actual investigation. The first form of [tag-tec]poltergeist[/tag-tec] type activity was while we were all sitting in a dining room speaking with Nell. The activity was that of a rattling door leading to the back offices. The door was about twenty feet from where we were sitting and we could hear the rattling very clearly.

We really could not believe our ears, so we went to investigate the ghostly activity. Upon reaching the door, team members could see the door and the door knob visibly moving. After watching this activity for a moment, we opened the door and entered into a hallway. The air was noticeably colder in the hallway. This type of phenomena has been reported around the world when a haunting is active and a spirit is attempting to manifest itself. The After Dark Paranormal Team has experienced this many times while conducting investigations of haunted locations. It seems when activity is present, the temperature around the area seems to drop, sometimes more than twenty degrees. We checked the door and door knob while we were standing there, but could not find any reason for rattling. Little did we know that this was just the beginning of the paranormal activity we would experience while we were there that night.

While we were standing in the hallway, we heard several loud banging nosies in one room which had a closed door. We attempted to open the door, but found the door to be locked. Nell stated that it was a wine room and proceeded to the door with key in hand. When she unlocked the door, several bottles of wine rolled out into the hallway undamaged. We found a total of four bottles of wine on the floor, still rolling around undamaged. There were four wine bottle holders on a shelf five feet from the floor which were empty. We could not figure out how the bottles fell without any assistance and did not break.

Nell then walked us over to the old house where Mary Howell used to live. While approaching the old house, we noticed window air conditioner turn on. This was not unusual to me, however, Nell stopped and pointed out that the A/C unit was very old and did not have an automatic setting on it. When we entered the old house, the A/C unit turned itself off. I went to check the settings on the old A/C unit and found it to be on the off position. I attempted to make it duplicate what we had witnessed, however, I could not make it turn on unless I turned the knob by hand. This is just one more type of ghostly activity that had been reported to us.

We ended our night by saying good-by to Nell. We could not believe the amount of activity we witnessed while we were there. There was no doubt that the Grey Moss Inn had ghostly activity. All we had to do was capture it on our equipment. Well, since there is no way to tell how the investigation would go, all we could do was wait for the day of the investigation and hope for the best.

We hope you will enjoy this short video segment of The Ghost of Mary Howell is Haunting the Grey Moss Inn.

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Paul A. Shope December 31, 2007 at 8:43 am

Thanks for sharing the Grey Moss Inn video and information. It is very interesting. I have driven by the Grey Moss Inn all my life but have never been inside it. Have you ever investigated the Menger Hotel in down town San Antonio? The story is that a maid wearing a pink uniform from the 1950′s is sometimes seen there. Thanks for your great site and videos.

Eddie Hill December 31, 2007 at 3:14 pm

Hi Paul….great hearing from you. You are very welcome and I am glad you enjoyed the story and the video from the Grey Moss Inn.

The Grey Moss Inn was a very interesting place to investigate. Lot’s of activity and the food was great! ;-)

We have been at the Menger Hotel several times, however, we have never see the Maid that is said the haunt the place. I am sure that sooner or later, someone will be able to get some evidence of that haunting. We will also continue to try. Wish us luck on that! ;-)

Keep checking back with us. We try to have a new video and a story every week. We will have all kinds of cool things for everyone to check out.

Take care Paul and the ADPR team wished you a very Safe and Happy New Year!

Eddie Hill
After Dark Paranormal Research

CHARLES PARR December 29, 2009 at 12:03 pm

I have heard some pretty dark and desturbing stories about the grey moss in, but can not find anything about it online.

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