The Ghost of Mary Howell is Haunting the Grey Moss Inn

The Grey Moss Inn, located just outside of Helotes, Texas which is northwest of San Antonio is known for it’s extensive wine list, as well as its thick and succulent steaks. But who would have ever thought of it as being known for it’s [tag-tec]ghosts[/tag-tec]?

The After Dark Paranormal Research team decided to contact Nell Baeten, owner of [tag-tec]The Grey Moss Inn[/tag-tec] to see if she could tell us the history of the inn and of the ghost that haunts this beautiful inn and its guests.

Nell told us that the ghost responsible for the majority of the [tag-tec]hauntings[/tag-tec] is that of Mary Howell who founded the inn in 1929. Mary is known to play games with the inn’s staff and especially its guests. There have also been reports of a more menacing ghost who has been known to set fires in the restaurant.

Christine, ADPR’s [tag-tec]psychic[/tag-tec], confirmed much of the information we received. Christine is never told anything about the locations we investigate when we are conducting [tag-tec]paranormal research[/tag-tec]. We do this to keep her from being influenced by what other’s have said. Christine’s trustworthiness, confidence and excellent track record on cases is a key part of our [tag-tec]paranormal[/tag-tec] investigations.

The Grey Moss Inn turned out to be a fantastic investigation. Nell and her staff were wonderful and very helpful. We were able to gather many [tag-tec]EVPs[/tag-tec], some interesting photographs, and a lot of personal experiences while we were there.

If you have a chance to visit the Grey Moss Inn, I have no doubt that you will love the food, the atmosphere, and if your lucky, you may even run into their resident ghost “Mary.”

Take a look at some behind the scenes video from the set-up for our investigation:

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Christobal December 22, 2007 at 10:38 pm

I hope to see more stories such as this one from you.

Eddie December 23, 2007 at 12:40 am

Hi Christobal….

Thanks for leaving the comment. Yes….you will see more stories such as this one. We still have more information to share on this story, so keep checking back.

Also….stay tuned for more on Polly’s Chapel. We hope to be going back after the Holidays for a full investigation of the reported hauntings.

Take care, and we hope to hear from you again.


Zach April 11, 2010 at 3:42 am

My name is Zach Saldivar and i have worked for the grey moss inn for the last two months and am normally the last to leave late at night. With that being said i have heard and seen only owls, cats, deer, and coyotes stalking around the resturaunt. However, one night I heard a choking noise behind me while sitting on the bench out front when everybody had left.

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