Paranormal Investigation – Kerrville, TX Residence

Kerrville, Texas is a beautiful, small community located just north of San Antonio. The area is mostly wooded around the town and wildlife, such as white tail deer, hogs, coyotes, and such, roam the area much like they have for hundreds of years. Who would have ever thought that along with the wildlife, [tag-tec]ghosts[/tag-tec] would be roaming the area? Yes….the After Dark team was called to just this place for possible [tag-tec]hauntings[/tag-tec]. No, this is not a historical landmark, nor is it an old Indian Burial site. This is a residence where people live, and at present, live in fear of the unknown.

After Dark Paranormal Research received an e-mail from the two occupants of the home. They told After Dark that they had been experiencing [tag-tec]paranormal activity[/tag-tec] and that they were very afraid to stay there. The activity was described as a small dark shadow, bird like, that would be seen fluttering through their home at night while all the lights were out. Also, they had experienced [tag-tec]poltergeist[/tag-tec] types of activity, such as the water in the sink turning on all by itself, the stove turning on when no one was around, and just a feeling of dread that would cause them to feel uncomfortable.

After speaking with them over the phone, the interview seemed quite interesting. The activity they had described was enough to warrant an investigation. ADPR team members, Christine, Liz, Josh, and Eddie ventured to Kerrville for the investigation.

After meeting with the residents of the home, Christine did a walk through in order to see what she could sense and what she felt was the cause of the activity the residents had been experiencing. After a short time, Christine was able to sit with the residents and speak with them about what she felt was going on. It turned out that Christine was right on track with all that had been experienced by the homeowners, and she was able to give a reading which answered many of their questions. The case came to a close with some very happy residents, who felt that Christine had really helped them understand what they were experiencing.

Although audio and video was set up in the home, nothing captured appeared to be out of the ordinary. Fortunately, the reading that Christine was able to do for them was reassuring to the residents of the home, although there was no reason to believe that the activity would not continue.

We will soon post our video of this investigation. Please be sure to leave your comments. Remember, we want for you to be a part of our investigations, and work with us to help solve the unexplained mysteries we are able to encounter.

Until next time….

Eddie Hill

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archmaven January 29, 2008 at 10:06 am

Hey After Dark,
Glad to see you post again. Can you give us more details about this investigation. Like what exactly did Christine sense.

Eddie January 29, 2008 at 7:37 pm

Hey Archmaven….We are going to be posting the video of the investigation. You will be able to watch the reading Christine did while we were there.

The video is almost ready to post, I would say by the end of this week! ;-) We hope you will enjoy it!

Take care, and thanks for the response.

TJRanch February 2, 2009 at 1:53 am

Hi Eddie. I was present at the June 14 Kerrville investigation and was absolutely stunned at something Christine picked up on while she was there. I think (and hope) it was recorded on video. She said that while on the way to Kerrville, she sensed a rolling or spinning and a great sadness. She saw some hands and a woman’s face bent down over something or someone’s face with her hair in her face. She felt it had something to do with me. Originally, she thought it was someone from the crew. She asked me if it meant anything to me or if I knew who it might be. She thought the spinning or rolling was from inside a small car. I asked her if it could be an airplane and she said it could because she sensed a confined space. She was right on the money because my husband was killed in an airplane crash along with two other people. He was a passenger. The airplane rolled inverted and spun in at 500 feet on landing. Christine looked at my hands and they were the ones she saw. Less than a month after the crash, I went to the crash site and the wind was blowing. To my horror, I found a piece of skull which turned out to be my husband’s. He was the only one with that kind of head injury. As I reached down to pick it up, the wind blew my hair into my eyes and mouth and I had to push it back to see. I used to be an open-minded skeptic about pyschics, but Christine made a believer out of me.

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Gotthesseks July 10, 2009 at 7:06 pm

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