Tools of the Paranormal Investigator Part 1

After Dark Paranormal Investigation Tools

We are often asked what the most important tools for the beginning investigator are. Is it the EMF (electromagnetic field) detector, an HD hand held digital video camera with night vision or maybe a multi spectrum digital still camera? The answer is -none of the above.
The most important tools for any investigator are those that you had when you were born, your five senses.
Let’s look at these tools and how they should be used.

The eyes are one of the most important tools in your research bag. Before any investigation you must make sure that they have been well rested so that fatigue does not cause you to see things that are not there. When you are in the investigation be aware of how your eyes react to the surroundings. Make sure not to look directly at any light sources as this will reduce your night vision significantly and cause dark spots in your field of vision. Whenever possible, one should only use the ambient light while researching. As you progress in your investigations you will find that the IR (infra red) cameras will do fine in assisting with brightening up a room without you having to look through the monitor and ruining your night vision.

The ears. As you walk through the grounds prior to an investigation be aware of the sounds around you. Traffic noise, water dripping, mechanical noises, and even your own heartbeat become much more intense after the lights are out. Note the lay of the land and be aware of possible causes such as trees that may be rubbing the house, loose hardware on doors and windows, etc…
The nose. In many occasions hints to paranormal activity can begin with smells. For this reason cologne, perfume and heavy deodorants should not be worn during an investigation. These will desensitize your ability to smell scents that are unusual to the environment. Investigators should never smoke within the investigation site.

The skin. Touch is also very important as precursors to an event are often the sense of feeling a static charge or the advent of “goose bumps” on your skin. When dressing for an investigation keep in mind that as much skin as possible should be exposed to the environment. This is why you will often see investigators wearing only a T-shirt and if possible shorts while they research. Exposed skin also allows you to be more sensitive to temperature changes and cold spots. Another important point to remember is to choose the right clothes and not accessorize. Ghost hunting is not a fashion show. Nylon wind breakers, corduroy pants, and jewelry can all produce sounds while you are investigating. Wear comfortable shoes.

The mouth. There have been instances where activity included unusual tastes such as copper or particular foods. This is why chewing gum, candy or mints may cause you to miss an opportunity. Another important thing about the mouth is to keep it closed while investigating, especially in groups as you may be tainting someone else’s EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) session. In the immortal words of bugs and the crew “shut up!”

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