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Tiffany December 26, 2009 at 10:40 pm

Ive always believed in ghosts. But when I get into deep thought or mabye the places im in when it happens…I get weirded out. I’m not an expert at expressing things I experience or the things I believe. But I’ve hoped for things from other people that an help me with my…problem? But I also get scared by paranormal stuff..
which make me paranormal and I cry. Most of this started when i was 13 mabye. And I was shown clips from the exorcist which made me sream and then just about cry, but then later getting to sleep was a different story. I layed there for moment in the dark. And I got this strange feeling something was wanting me. And
I started shaking and crying and telling my friend I wanted to get on the wall since I was in the bed. And I got myself under the blankets. And just ever since. This small inident happened. Ive been cautious about images I look at. Things I talk about and watch involving ghosts and paranormal research..I want solutions to my fear..What feels like a phobia now. And some have told me. That it scares you less when you fight to see beyond that fear. Or to go after it to understand more or what scares me. So it wont anymore. Ive never heard voices, but I feel presences and fear that any seconnd ahead. Something will flash beyond my eyes, or I’ll hear a strange. Yet somehow beautiful sound of a living soul with no body. Does anyone have anything to say about this?

polaka February 10, 2010 at 5:26 am

He leido todo tu blog es excelente te felicito espero que sigas mi blog saludos desde Argentina

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