The After Dark Paranormal Research Team’s Philosophy

Before we get back to the ghost of Mary Howell that haunts the Grey Moss Inn, I thought I would give our readers some more information about us and our philosophy regarding [tag-tec]paranormal investigations[/tag-tec].

After Dark Paranormal Research of Texas is dedicated to the research of [tag-tec]paranormal phenomena[/tag-tec] that includes the true factual study and documentation of [tag-tec]ghosts[/tag-tec], [tag-tec]hauntings[/tat-tec], and all paranormal phenomena in general.

Our organization offers professional paranormal investigations with experienced investigators and [tag-tec]psychics[/tag-tec]. Our team of paranormal professionals have the knowledge and vast experience to help you.

We have found in our research that people have a lot of questions when they encounter ghosts or haunted phenomena of some kind. These people may not understand what is happening to them or they just might simply be too embarrassed to tell anyone about the haunting events taking place in their lives. Many people are skeptical about what is taking place.

We can confirm that a paranormal event is actually taking place through research, investigation, and analysis of the event. We have documented hundreds of hours of investigations supporting that ghosts and hauntings are indeed a true reality, co-existing with us in the physical world.

We also find in our research that a large percentage of people do actually believe in the existence of ghosts and hauntings, but do not like to admit or say anything about it until they are around other people that have had similar paranormal haunting experiences.

Our duties are to document, confirm, and provide to you the possible evidence that a haunting event may be taking place. We may be able to offer you professional advice and help on what you can do in the event we confirm that your home, business, or property may have paranormal activity. We consider ourselves to be [tag-tec]professional paranormal investigators[/tag-tec], and we do take our work and research very seriously.

We conduct only the necessary paranormal research to provide you with scientific and [tag-tec]psychic analysis[/tag-tec] to support the possibility that your home may be haunted or have [tag-tec]paranormal events[/tag-tec] occurring.

Next time we’ll continue our discussion of our investigation of the Grey Moss Inn.

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