Is Your House Haunted?

Haunted HouseMany people ask us how they can tell if their house is haunted.

Here are some things you may be encountering that may suggest you are experiencing a true haunting: unexplained noises (footsteps, knocks, banging, rapping, scratching noises, sounds like something being dropped), doors and cabinets opening and closing.

You may note lights turning off and on, items disappearing and reappearing later possibly in the same spot you remembered, unexplained sighted shadows (sighting of fleeting dark and black shadows and shapes seen out of the corner of the eye moving at fast speeds), strange animal behavior like something else is there, a feeling of being watched by some unseen presence.

More extensive and confirmed [tag-tec]haunting[/tag-tec] experiences you might have would include: feelings of being touched by an invisible entity or force, actually seeing a door open or close by itself, actually seeing a light turn off or on several times by itself, hearing cries or whispers of a person, hearing voices or hearing your name being called. Other [tag-tec]paranormal[/tag-tec] experiences include feeling very cold or hot spots, extreme unexplained smells (distinct fragrance of perfume or cologne, cigar or cigarette odors, and very foul rotting or repulsive odors).

Sometimes people notice moving or levitating objects. In some cases an actual physical assault may occur, other physical evidence like writing on walls, handprints, and footprints.

Some people have visual confirmations of actual [tag-tec]apparitions[/tag-tec] (an actual sighted physical manifestation of a ghost/spirit/person or entity in full or partial form) that occur which disappear after being sighted.

There are of course some rational explanations for some of these occurrences. But if you have tried to rule out everything yourself and you still feel you have a true haunting taking place and you would like some questions answered to confirm this, then please contact us or another reputable organization of professional and reputable investigators.

When we perform an investigation, our duty is to document, confirm, and provide to you the possible evidence that a haunting event may be taking place. We may be able to offer you professional advice and help on what you can do in the event we confirm that your home, business, or property may be haunted.

We consider ourselves to be professional paranormal investigators, and we do take our work seriously.

We only conduct the necessary paranormal research to provide the scientific and psychic evidence to you that your home may be haunted or have paranormal events going on there. We do not force our own opinions on anyone. We allow you to draw your own conclusions to anything we show or discuss with you. We only present the evidence to you as to what we find and see.

Our main objective it to objectively investigate the situation and provide enough information to help you decide. We use our own electrical monitoring instruments and other paranormal research equipment to conduct all of our research. We also are very discreet in how we do our research in your home. We value your privacy and maintain complete confidentiality.

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