Our Approach to Paranormal Research

Polly's ChapelYesterday we defined the term “Paranormal” and talked about how the term is used to describe a wide variety of reported [tag-tec]phenomena[/tag-tec] beyond normal experience. Today we’ll introduce to you some ideas about how we conduct our [tag-tec]paranormal research[/tag-tec].

There are several different approaches to paranormal research. The first is the Anecdotal Approach. This method of researching [tag-tec]paranormal activity[/tag-tec] depends solely on an informal account of the event. There is no scientific research or verification used in this approach, and it depends completely on the credibility of the party or parties presenting the evidence. There is also the Experimental Approach, in which lab experiments are used as a form of validating claims of paranormal activity. In addition, there is also a Survey Approach, where subjects are polled as to their beliefs in the existence of paranormal activity.

The two main approaches that our team After Dark Paranormal Research depends upon are the Participant-Observer Approach, where the abilities of [tag-tec]psychics[/tag-tec] and [tag-tec]mediums[/tag-tec] are drawn upon to observe events not visible to others. These perspectives are balanced by those observing without the benefit of these abilities, which enables the researchers to be much more objective about their findings. After Dark Paranormal Research also draws upon the Debunking Approach, which uses scientific devices and skepticism as a form of finding explanations for events before general acceptance at face value. Drawing on both of these approaches enables After Dark Paranormal Research to use complete objectivity in investigating paranormal activity.

In the future we will be providing much more insight into the way we conduct our investigations. We’ll also be showing you some amazing video of investigations that we’ve conducted. We look forward to any questions or comments that you might have.

Cari Gillespie – After Dark Paranormal Research, Inc.

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David December 19, 2007 at 8:44 pm

Interesting approach. I will be looking to see how professionally you conduct your work. I want to learn from you and your team. Happy wishes for you. – David.

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